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CADconform Services
Engineering CAD Solutions provide CADconforming services from our offices here in North Adelaide. We believe we provide the most cost effective service and you can be assured we will always have the latest release of the required conformance libraries.

Engineering CAD Solutions is the chosen provider to develop the conformance libraries for BHP Billiton OD so are in the best position to assist you with these drawings. No one knows CADconform libraries in your region better than Engineering CAD Solutions.

What is a CADconformed drawing?
Organisations using CADconform will require you to certify your drawing to their company standards. The certification is a stamp that usually appears within the title block indicating that it matches a set of standards.
What are the advantages of a CADconformed drawing?
A CADconformed drawing indicates that it meets the required standard, and therefore it will have consistency and predictability for the end user. The drawing will use approved symbols, levels and text settings to ensure conformity with all drawings in the fileset. The drawing will be using the approved border sheet and similar formatted title block information that can be easily referenced and enables automation.
How do I CADconform my drawing?
If you have a copy of MicroStation and CADconform, you can do the conforming and certification yourself. However the cost, setup and training of the software may not be suitable for your situation. This is where services from Engineering CAD Solutions may be the better option.

If you have a drawing that has not been drafted to the required standard, Engineering CAD Solutions offer a service to take your current drawing and conform it to meet the standard. We will also apply the correct certification stamp, print the certified drawing and supply them back to you ready for submission.
How much work is required?
The amount of work will vary depending on how close to the standard the drawing currently is, together with the amount and type of content on the drawing. Your drawing may already have the right title block and layout, which will make the task of conformance and certification much easier.

Pricing can be on a per drawing basis or per project. Call 0417 873 633 or email to discuss how we may assist you in this area.
CADconform Testimonial
When our client informed us we had to submit final electronic files in a format we were not accustomed to, we were not sure where to begin. Peter and his team were instrumental in us achieving this. From the outset we were guided through the process, providing us the tools for setting up our internal processes to enable seamless conforming of our drawings to the our clients requirements.

No matter how much pressure was put on ECS, we always received the final product promptly and more importantly accurate. One year later and 6 projects completed, we would certainly recommend ECS to anyone who needs assistance with CADconform, and will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Thank you to the ECS team for your efforts, it is certainly appreciated.

Mike Middleton, Associate, BCA Engineers

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