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CADconform Software
Engineering CAD Solutions can supply the software and provide licensing, implementation, configuration and user training as part of our 1 day onsite service.

What is CADconform
CADconform is a software application that operates with MicroStation and AutoCAD, providing the user with a streamlined method of producing drawings that comply to a predefined corporate standard. CADconform provides drafting menus, checking and conforming tools, and an ability to digitally stamp the drawing to certify it meets the standards.

By using CADconform you will ensure your CAD data is 100% standards-conformed. CADconform helps projects run faster and smoother with all parties accessing the same drafting menus and everyone easily checking and fixing their own drawings.
Licencing and Usage
CADconform is licensed on a individual workstation basis.  When using CADconform it is recommended that each MicroStation drafter uses the software/libraries as they draft rather than drafting and then CADconforming only at the end.  This approach maximises the benefit of the application and minimises the time spent redrafting.
Software pricing starts at just $1,899 ex GST with discounts available for packs of 5 licenses or more at one time (saving approx $2,500).  Annual upgrade subscription program $359 ex GST (upgrades and remote technical support) is also available via AltivaSoft (pricing subject to change). Call us for pricing on bundles of CADconform and SubmittalConform (BHPBIO projects).
CADconform Support and Training
Should you require technical support or training in CADconform and/or MicroStation we look forward to being able to assist.
CADconform Brochure
Click here for more details and to view the CADconform product brochure.

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