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- Do you have historical DAB files (CADDSMAN) that are no longer supported?
- Do you utilize another up-to-date CAD application which cannot directly access the CADDSMAN data?
- Do you find the standard conversion difficult or experience data loss when converting DAB files?
- Do you lose the intelligence or sub figure definitions during a conversion from the DAB format?

We may have an answer for you.

ECS Drawing Converter from CADDSMAN files
ECS has developed a powerful batch conversion service to convert the DAB models (with sub figures) into DWG or DGN whilst retaining the most relevant element attributes and intelligence. This proven conversion (refer to our endorsements below) provides you with certainty in your valued design data moving forward.

We have an in depth knowledge of the DAB file format and application use. To discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist please send your contact information to:
Peter Jackson at or call us on 1300 762 614.

Endorsements are available on our endorsements page.
ECS Conversion Advantages
Custom colour table mapping

Level mapping

Line style mapping

Font mapping

Sub-figure retention

Independent conversion of DAB Subfigure libraries to Cell libraries

Configure Subfigures to be converted to Cells or References (XRef)

Conversion without exploding graphics

Retention of solids objects as solids

Dimensions are not exploded to linework

Output to DGN or DWG (natively)

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