ContextCapture Software

Industry leading software that generates a 3D mesh from photos and/or lidar imagery


Reality Mesh

With ContextCapture, you can produce even the largest and most challenging 3D models of existing real-world conditions, including scales as large as entire cities, from simple photographs, in order to easily and quickly provide context for design, construction, and operations decisions for all types of infrastructure projects throughout the world.

Lidar, Photographs or both

Hybrid processing in ContextCapture enables the creation of engineering-ready reality meshes that incorporate the best of both worlds - the versatility and convenience of high-resolution photography, supplemented, where needed, by additional accuracy of point clouds from laser scanning.


Standard or Unlimited Version

Depending on your project and organizational needs, you can choose from ContextCapture or ContextCapture Centre. If you are working on an individual desktop computer and you have projects that require less than 300 gigapixels of imagery and/or 500 million points from a laser scanner, ContextCapture is the perfect fit. If your projects are larger, or you wish to utilize parallel processing and multiple desktops and servers to speed processing, or you want access to the software development kit to develop custom solutions, ContextCapture Centre is perfect for your needs.

Trial Version & Pricing

Australian's call 1300 762 614 to inquire about these innovative products, or to arrange the processing of one of your existing datasets with our compliments.

Utilise any device

ContextCapture output can be consumed on any device


Output Formats

Access and share these rich reality models of existing conditions for use in any CAD or GIS workflow. You can easily and consistently share information, consumable and accessible, on desktop and mobile devices, in many formats.

The only 3D reality modeling software you will ever need

Want to create reality meshes with less investment of time and resources?
ContextCapture helps you develop highly detailed 3D models from simple digital images.

Outstanding Design

Develop precise reality meshes, affordably, with less investment of time and resources in specialised acquisition devices and associated training. You can easily produce 3D models using up to 300 gigapixels of photos taken with an ordinary camera, resulting in fine details, sharp edges and geometric accuracy.

Generate 3D CAD Models

Produce 3D models using a full range of CAD formats, including multiresolution meshes, 3D neutral formats, digital elevation models, digital terrain models, and dense 3D point clouds to ensure your models are accessible in your modeling environment.

Integrate Photographs and Metadata

Utilise a wide variety of cameras, from smartphones to highly-specialised airborne or terrestrial multidirectional acquisition systems. Take advantage of any available image format and metadata to create 3D models.

Online Videos

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ContextCapture can generate web enabled content. Models can be viewed directly in a web browser without plugins. Below are some examples, click the image to view the 3D mesh.