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ControlCAD ®

ControlCAD from Altiva Software is a simple and powerful suite that allows management to have control by specifying, deploying and finally monitoring the CAD design work flow.  At the time of receiving deliverables, ControlCAD automates the process of checking and neatly produces a status of the project, in a graphical, easy to read interface.

  A Closer Look at the ControlCAD Suite:

CADconform (software available from Engineering CAD Solutions)

CADconform is an add-on for MicroStation that helps projects run faster and smoother with all parties accessing the same drafting menus and everyone easily checking and fixing their own drawings. When a drawing is 100% to the required CAD standard, the drafter may apply an electronic, tamper-proof seal to the drawing.

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If you require CADconform services (file certification etc) from the developers for
BHPBilliton OD standards library please Click Here


For each CAD file the user enters the metadata (attributes) required to populate fields for document management using the Indexer.  Intuitive "windows based" user interface designed for easily adding attributes and ensures that all required attributes are indexed.  Integrates easily with your document management system.


ControlCAD Submittal is an application which generates an archive of quality assured compliant files, primarily CAD files, for upload into document management systems.  A Submittal archive is a ZIP file created by the Submittal tool, containing the CAD, PDF and XML files specified.  All the information in this archive can seamlessly be transported into a document management system using ControlCAD interfaces, such as the ProjectWise and Indexer.

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