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ECS Conversion Services

Hardcopy to CAD
(without the headache)

Finally a cost effective service to transfer your hardcopy plans to a true digital asset (CAD or PDF file).  Or if required simply from one format to another (example DGN to DWG or DWG to DGN from less than $20 per file).

        Do you have hardcopy plans taking up space or possibly lying around getting
            damaged, misplaced or simply deteriorating?

        Wished you had one common format for your engineering data?

        Have you found it difficult to locate hardcopy plans in a reasonable time frame
            (lost, misplaced, around somewhere but can't quite find it)?

Engineering CAD Solutions offer a cost effective (meaning less expensive in time or cost than if you were to do them in-house), accurate conversion from raster to CAD for small or large projects.  Engineering CAD Solutions believe we can significantly beat any previous quotes you may have received from others whilst retaining the accuracy of your data.

No time - Not enough personnel - Limited resources in the budget?  No problem!

Engineering CAD Solutions have expanded this conversion service in reply to customer requests around Australia for a more cost effective, more accurate - paper or raster conversions to either the DXF, AutoCAD or MicroStation file format.  Our CAD conversion service is not a software product but rather a complete service, consisting of:

        Free no obligation costing.

        Free specifications and standards compilation.

        Secure pick up of your data for conversion.

        CAD conversion (to either DXF, DWG or DGN).

        QA checking to meet your specifications.

        Cut to CD (scanned images and converted CAD files in your choice of format).

        Deliver data in full to your office - all for one set price.

If you think it's as expensive as it would be to pay one of your drafters to do it, it isn't!
Because we specialise in this work... you benefit ... you save !!!

 The Process
First, we find out what your CAD standards and specifications are, and then our operators draw your paper or raster files to CAD just like you want them to be. Our quality assurance managers review the conversion work done before delivering the files to you to ensure that all your demands are met. If they're not, you don't pay until they are! That's a 100% money-back guarantee that standard conversion software can not offer.

The Headaches Involved With Other Processes.

Paper or raster conversion to useful CAD data can be a headache. Inaccurate drawings are the curse of the industry.  In spite of high expenses, the results may still need much redrawing! Older plots can be torn or dirty.  Scanned drawings can be so light at times that parts of the actual designs can be lost or illegible. Finding qualified personnel on a short term basis to handle an occasional job is often difficult and sometimes risky.  All these factors make conversion to CAD a nightmare if it is not your core business.

Engineering CAD Solutions does it right!

Complex projects involve the greatest challenge since they often include combining different data sets and formats, the addition of non-graphical data and frequently require manual corrections or additions. Engineering Cad Solutions offers such projects accurate, reliable, cost effective conversions.

ECS Specialises In
CAD conversion
    (to either DXF, DWG or DGN).
ECS Offers
A substantial cost saving.

High accuracy.

Cost effective hand-drawn

The use of your standard cell
    libraries, dimensioning style
    and fonts.

Assignment of your standard
    symbology, logos and levels.

Capacity for all sizes of drawings
    from A4 to A0.

Output to AutoCAD and
    MicroStation (any versions
    of the applications).

Quick turn around, even on
    large jobs.

Complete pickup, convert,
    checking and delivery service.
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