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ECS Place Table
The Place Table application will provide users of Bentley MicroStation (and Bentley PowerDraft) with the ability to place a table in a CAD drawing with default text or text taken from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Tables will have a title row, header row and any number of data rows. The text height in the table will determine the row sizes, designed for users who have pre-defined text heights or CAD standards.

The application allows for a number of placement methods to suit your requirements. It will also allow you to nominate an area in a spreadsheet to use as a source data (text), and the application will use existing columns widths for the table. After placement, the application has a number of editing tools to help update the tabular data.

The application allows you to define table styles which store dozens of table attributes into the one named table style. Users can define an unlimited number of styles, and choose one to be used for table placements. This allows users to streamline the dozens of table attributes that can be defined.

Place Table Features
The Place Table application has the following key features:
  • Allows you to define a library of table styles
  • Allows you to build a table style to match existing CAD standards
  • Table tyles can be transferred from user to user
  • Allows you to dynamically place the table in any corner to corner orientation (ie. TR to BL)
  • Easily define tables of a fixed width columns or evenly spaced columns between two picked points
  • Ability to define one column to be a 'remainder' width which will dynamically stretch as the table is placed
  • Displays a summary on the dialog confirming key aspects of the table (# rows and columns, total width)
  • Tool to extend a table to have more rows
  • Tool to adjust the column widths dynamically (all affected linework and text is updated)

  • Reads Microsoft Excel spreadsheets directly (for table headings and data)
  • Allows you to define an area of the spreadsheet to use for the table - you choose the portion of the spreadsheet required
  • Uses existing column widths from the spreadsheet

Place Table Dialog

Example of Table placement

The pre-requisites for the Data Import tool are below.
  • Operating System - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
  • CAD Software - MicroStation or PowerDraft v8 2004, V8 XM, V8i
  • Other Software - Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (for extracting data from XLS files)

Here is a link to the Place Table users guide (PDF).

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