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Alexandrina Council engaged the services of ECS to write data verification and translation programs for entry of our gps asset data into Microstation Geographics. This enabled Council to rapidly log approximately 1200 kilometres of road centre line data together with defects and automatically upload the data into a Microstation Geographics project connected to an Access database.

Without the translation programs Council staff would have been required to manually enter the collected data into the access database which would have taken countless hours to complete.

"I highly recommend Engineering CAD Solutions for any programming tasks that may be required".

Neville Styan
Technical Officer
Alexandrina Council

Allen Jack + Cottier had 9 years worth of CAD data locked away in Caddsman format files.

"During our move to Microstation V8 we could have translated this data to DWG and then into DGN (Microstation) format, but we would have lost the intelligent structure of the data in that process - in effect we would have had to trace over the converted data. What we did instead was to use Engineering CAD Solutions direct Caddsman to Microstation translator (Dab2Dgn). Firstly this allowed us to translate all our standard subfigure libraries directly into Cell libraries. Then we were able to very quickly translate our complex Caddsman models to Microstation.

In this process we were able to choose which nested subfigures became cells and which became live-nested reference files in Microstation - giving us a sophisticated data structure which we could start using in Microstation with very little re-organising. The conversion tables even allowed us to use the new "dgnlibs" and "By Level" attributes in V8. This has saved us large amounts of time in conversion and unlocked our Legacy Caddsman data for future use. We have been able to switch projects from one CAD system to another during the normal project timeframe."

Tim Waldock
Senior Associate
Allen Jack + Cottier
Architecture Urban Design
Interior Design
Heritage Facility Management
Tel: +61 2 9311 8222

"Engineering Cad Solutions converted many of our CADDSMAN models and subfigures to Microstation drawing and cell formats. The majority of these were nested subfigures. I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the conversions. Especially considering the specialised subfigures that we have for our sales package.

I will not hesitate in recommending Engineering Cad Solutions, for other conversions of this nature."

Phillip Smith
Engineering Services Manager
Forpark Australia
Tel: +61 8 9350 5220

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