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MIDA Client Solutions

Client Problem:

Previously maintained numerous .xls spreadsheets for data shipped out (transmittals) and data received (receivables). System was very time consuming as creating suitable reports and having these viewed by other interested parties was difficult.

Client Solution:

ECS implemented a web based solution connected to a simple Access database.  Historical data was smoothly transferred from the spreadsheets.  Now all interested parties can view updated information and reports from their internal intranet.

Client Problem:

The corporate database contained asset information that was changing on a daily basis.  Users need to extract reports of current quantities and asset states as they move through a defined life cycle.  The corporate interface is slow and requires software to be installed locally to allow access.  Creating custom reports involved IT and third party consultants which was often delayed and expensive.

Client Solution:

A simple interface was provided to allow all users to submit predetermined queries and retrieve results in a form that was easy to navigate and manage.  Quantities could be automatically generated based on these reports giving users and managers freedom to access up to date information on the business.

Some Common Issues

- Do you have a need to record activities or data in a logical way?

- Do you resort to putting the information into a form using whatever software you have been provided with?

- Do you encounter problems as requirements change or data content extends beyond what is initially expected?

Engineering CAD Solutions (ECS) may have an answer using a simple, easily accessible solution: MIDA.

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