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Are you required to retain information for considerable periods?

Is your volume of information increasing year by year?

Are you running out of space to hold this information?

Did you know on average, 20% of your time is spent searching
    for information?

Engineering CAD Solutions can provide a fast, cost effective service to transfer your documents to digital files (ie: PDF).  Should you require a structured environment to manage
and search all the new digital data, we have a number of options available to you.

Please call us on (08) 8267 1622 for further information.

Ten Benefits of Paper Scanning
#1   Save time finding documents.
#2   Improve user service levels.
#3   Save space - 1000's of individual
        documents in the one digital file.
#4   Prevent document deterioration.
#5   Reduce postage costs - Simply
        email digital files.
#6   Data available to all.
#7   Additional security via electronic
#8   No more paper filing.
#9   Support disaster recovery.
#10 Reduced costs = Increased profits.


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