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 Accredited MicroStation Training - Adelaide
 The Bentley Institute
The Bentley Institute is a professional training program run by Bentley for the benefit of the users of Bentley (MicroStation) software products.  The Institute organisation includes qualified participating MicroStation Value-Added Resellers, called Bentley Institute Centres (BIC's).

Bentley Systems design the courses and certifies the instructors through training and testing, with this they can ensure consistent, high-quality professional training worldwide.

Engineering CAD Solutions Pty. Ltd. (ECS) is South Australia's only Bentley Institute Centre.
Our Training and Technical Support Manager, Graeme Rawlins, holds:

        Bentley Systems Accreditation as a MicroStation Institute Trainer.

        Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment.

This international quality training is now available from our offices in North Adelaide. 

Benefits Through Professional Education
Efficient learning provided through classroom environment and suitable training equipment.

        Bentley Systems develop the coursework, with an emphasis on real-time,
            hands-on activities.

        A spectrum of courses taught by Bentley-certified instructors addressing
            the needs of drafters, managers and design engineers.

 Benefits Through Investment In Your Staff's Future
        Increases productivity and greater design flexibility.

        Professional fulfilment leading to retention of valuable employees.

        Reduced manpower costs through more efficient use of staff.

        Greater return on your investment in hardware, software, support,and
            most critically, your professional staff.

Should a Bentley Institute Course not suit your requirements, please talk to us about a Customised Training Solution that can be dedicated to your MicroStation users in your offices. These popular sessions are organised to address the key areas of your CAD needs,
via specialised subjects decided upon in a personal evaluation of requirements.

Quick 3D Lessons

1. Introduction to MicroStation 3D (2 min.)
2. Getting Started and the MicroStation User Interface (19 min.)
3. Solids Modeling (18 min.)
4. Rendering with MicroStation (13 min.)

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Training Dates

Bentley Institute Certified Courses:
For Bentley Institute course details please call us on 1300 762 614.

ECS Customised MicroStation Courses:
ECS conduct customized MicroStation courses according to our clients requirements.
Please contact us to find out when the next course is available.

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