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SofTrack License Management

SofTrack simplifies IT Asset Management and gives you control over your software usage. Below is a overview video showing why all Bentley® software users need to consider this software.

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Bentley® Enforces License Fees

Beginning January 1, 2014 Bentley® Systems, Inc. began implementing its new SELECT Basic Access and SELECT Open Access licensing programs. At their next renewal, existing Bentley® customers will automatically be moved to the new SELECT Basic or Open Access license program with no method to opt out.

The most important new feature of the new SELECT license programs is what happens for those customers who use more licenses than are in their license pool of previously purchased 'perpetual licenses'. When usage per Bentley® product occurs in excess of the quantity owned by the customer a minimum of 4 times (days) during the calendar quarter, the customer will receive an invoice for the overage labeled 'quarterly term license usage fees'. This means customers may receive up to 4 invoices per year from Bentley® for over using their licenses.

It is important to note that Bentley® provides no direct method to restrict license usage to only what is owned or other value. The Bentley® customer desiring a method to reduce or eliminate quarterly term license usage fees is left to his or her own means to control license usage.

SofTrack provides the Bentley® customer with the direct ability to control each license owned. SofTrack's unique technology gives you the ability to control Bentley® licenses as each are activated by way of the Bentley® product code id.

SofTrack additionally gives the Bentley® customer Calendar Hour (Hour-By-Hour) license control for Bentley® SELECT Basic and Open Access Trust Licenses.

You benefit by controlling your over use of Bentley® licenses and therefore reducing or eliminating your quarterly overage billing by Bentley®.

Unlike real-time metering offered by SofTrack and competing products, SofTrack's unique Hour-By-Hour metering gives you the power to control software on a Calendar Hour basis. A Calendar Hour is a time period from the top of an hour to the beginning of the next, for example, 8:00am through 8:59am is a Calendar Hour.

SofTrack helps you save money by providing Software Asset Management of all your purchased software licenses across all versions of Windows® and Macintosh® OSX.

What is Calendar Hour Usage

For most customers, Bentley® determines usage on a "calendar hour" basis, maximum use per day. The calendar hour is simply from the start of one hour to the start of the next, such as 8:00am to 8:59:59am. For example, if two different users on two different workstations use the same Bentley® product within the same calendar hour, even if the use is not at the same time, the result is 2 licenses were used for that calendar hour.

There is an additional complication in that the minimum license usage period is 10 minutes. Specifically, if the user starts using a Bentley® product at 50 minutes past the hour their usage will, at a minimum, cover two calendar hour periods. Even if the license is exited before the first 10 minutes have occurred, the license use remains 10 minutes!

Bentley® will determine the customer's license usage to be the maximum calendar hour usage during a calendar day. And, when the customer has 4 or more days during the calendar quarter where 'calendar hour' usage exceeds the customer's license pool (owned/subscribed licenses) the customer will receive an invoice from Bentley®. The invoice will be based upon the highest 'calendar hour' usage during the calendar quarter. For instance, a customer has a license pool of 10 Microstation licenses and had 8 days where the maximum 'calendar hour' usage was 12 licenses and one day where the maximum 'calendar hour' usage was 15 licenses. The resulting quarterly term license usage invoice from Bentley® will be for 5 licenses (15 peak usage less 10 previously subscribed/owned). Notice that the 15 license usage peak only occurred on a single day with the remaining days only 2 additional licenses were used! Bentley® will base their invoice on the peak usage that occurred during the quarter.

Customers do have the option of purchasing additional licenses to address future license needs. However, they will still be required to pay the quarterly term license fees for the past quarter's usage.

Controlling Calendar Hour Usage

Calendar Hour Configuration
SofTrack's Hour-By-Hour software license metering is simple to set up and use. When an application is launched, SofTrack verifies a license is available for the current Calendar Hour and if so, the use is allowed. If the use is not allowed, the requesting user can be optionally queued for later notification and reservation of optional use at that time.

When an application is exited, SofTrack will record the usage so you will know exactly how long the application was actually used. However, instead of allowing another user to begin using the license "right away", SofTrack holds the license until the top of the hour. Therefore, if that user who exited the application needs to start it again, they are allowed to. However, no other user can use that license until the next hour.

What if the user logs out or the application/workstation crashes? In such cases, SofTrack will continue to hold the license until the top of the hour, thereby preventing "trust license" usage which can possibly lead to license overage and a quarterly bill from Bentley Systems, Inc.®.

Reporting Calendar Hour Usage

SofTrack includes automatic reporting options that provide summary and details of activity. Software Usage Summary Graph

SoftTrack and Bentley® control FAQ

Why use SofTrack to control, manage and report use of your Bentley® applications?
SofTrack is the only solution that accurately tracks Bentley® License Activation Events by Bentley® Product ID code, Product Version and Feature String per Calendar Hour or Calendar Day. SofTrack tracks Bentley® licenses activated by MDL (Microstation Development Language) applications.
SofTrack tracks when multiple Bentley® licenses are activated within the same application.
SofTrack tracks when Bentley® licenses are activated after the application is started such as AUTOPIPE.
SofTrack tracks Bentley® feature strings used in various Bentley® applications.

Does SofTrack work with all Bentley® applications?
YES. SofTrack accurately tracks all your Bentley® applications by Bentley® Product ID code(s) activated including Product Version and, when provided, the activation Feature String such as those set by the Municipal License Administrator Tool.

SofTrack Log of Activation Events
Sample SofTrack activity log of Bentley® license activation events

Other solutions including those you might have developed in-house that merely wrap or track application use based on the EXE or even DLL filename are insufficient to accurately track Bentley® license activity. You can depend on SofTrack to go beyond the competition to ensure your Bentley® licenses are accurately controlled, managed and reported.

Who are the developers of the SofTrack application?
SofTrack is developed by Integrity Software Inc. based in Texas, USA. Since its 1987 inception in Dallas, Texas, Integrity Software has created beneficial solutions for its customers worldwide. Integrity Software values the customer relationship above all. Engineering CAD Solutions is proud to be a local reseller of the SofTrack application in Australia. Contact ECS for pricing in Australian Dollars (AUD).