Customisation - Mapping Tools

Custom software to assist in the clean up and creation of allotments and cadastral boundaries

ECS Mapping Tools

The Mapping Tools application will provide users of Bentley MicroStation and Bentley PowerDraft with the ability to clean up cadastral mapping files with intuitive tools that can save hours of processing. The application provides tools to take dirty cadastral linework (including duplicates, overlaps, gaps, wrong levels/layers, etc) and process it to have clean snapped up linework and annotations on the correct levels/layers with the correct symbology. It also has a lot annotation tool that will label lots and allow for generation of a textual listing of lot information together with grid coordinates.

Mapping Tools Features

The Mapping Tools has the following key features:

• Ability to place lot annotations, that automatically increment as you place them
• Ability to export lot annotations to a CSV that includes coordinates

• Streamlined tools to fence delete void outside
• Ability to drop all the line strings on a drawing to line segments
• Ability to drop all the shapes on a drawing to line segments
• Ability to drop all the arcs on a drawing to line segments using a stroking tolerance
• Ability to delete all zero length lines on a drawing

• Custom tools to transfer elements to a target layer, based on their current layer, by picking one sample graphically
• Ability to unlock all levels with a single click
• Ability to compress the drawing of unused levels only, or all unused items
• Ability to delete all graphics and all levels that are not in a selected level list

• Ability to delete linear duplicates and clean linear overlaps with a single click
• Ability to flag unconnected end points of linear elements
• Ability to perform linear element segmentation in preparation for building intelligent cadastral features
• Ability to create road casings (optimised chaining) in an process where you choose left or right only once per casing




The pre-requisites for the Mapping Tools application are below.

• Operating System - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
• CAD Software - MicroStation or PowerDraft v8 2004, V8 XM, V8i
• Other Software - Also available for AutoCAD (including some basic MicroStation features AutoCAD doesn't have)

Free 7 day Evaluation of the Mapping Tools

To obtain a free 7 day evaluation of this software, use the form below. All fields are required.
Simply enter your name, email address, company name and captcha details below and then click the Register and Download button. Ensure you use a valid email address, and you may need to check your junk mail folder. User documentation is included in the download. The steps are as follows:

1. Register (below)
2. Receive your confirmation code in an email
3. Enter the code on the confirmation page, download and install the application
4. Use the same confirmation code to activate your free evaluation

Purchase the Mapping Tools

A 1 year licence for the Mapping Tools can be purchased for $200 AUD excluding GST. Your purchase will also entitle you to any upgrades that are released during your licence period.

To purchase a 1 year license of the Mapping Tools, please contact ECS to arrange payment. We can bill your credit card using the ANZ Bank's secure online FastPay system. Alternatively you can EFT directly to our account. If you are outside of Australia, there will be an additional $15 AUD transaction fee on EFT payments. We will then forward you an activation key that will enable the product to be used for 1 year.

Please send us an Email to for payment instructions.