Why Invest in TopoDOT®?

It doesn't matter how fast you can acquire point cloud data. If you can't deliver high quality products quickly, your revenue will suffer and your scanning technology operation can quickly have a negative revenue impact. TopoDOT®'s comprehensive workflow is designed to optimize your operations, extract the maximum value from your data and contribute directly to your bottom line.

The TopoDOT® Solution

TopoDOT® offers the transportation industry's most productive software for extracting topography, 3D models, GIS Assets, and more from point cloud data. But that's not all - TopoDOT®'s comprehensive tool suite allows you to establish a highly productive process to manage data, assess quality and extract CAD and GIS products exceeding your customers requirements and expectations.

Click here for a video of TopoDOT®'s capabilities.


"Initially we were looking for a piece of software that would handle point cloud extraction for road type of environments. We started to investigate software and stumbled upon TopoDOT®. This software impressed us with the range of tools developed for the exact purpose we were after including:

  • •   Long lengths of road surface extraction.
  • •   Manual input of setting and tolerances.
  • •   Ability to re-classify point cloud data.
We made the decision to go to TopoDOT® as it had more tools and we could see that with further development it would evolve to a better product (which I believe it has). We have had no problems with TopoDOT® since implemented. It is intuitive and has a good 'feel' about it."
Australian based user - 2019

TopoDOT V2020.1 release features two new highly productive tools

The new Fit Multiple Cylinders to Data tool. With this tool you are able to fit cylindrical elements within the selected area from any perspective and in any direction. It will need about 30% of the cylinder data to identify the radius and create a cylinder. It will also populate a list of all pipe found so you can analyze the results by looking a cross section at a time.

The new Wire Extraction by Direction tool will automatically extract a whole wire string in one go. Fast, effective and simple.

End User Videos

Below are links to videos of what our current clients think of TopoDOT®.

This is a great video interview with Jason Rhodes at Jacobs with a focus on highways. In 3 minutes he gives you the reasons WHY you should buy TopoDOT.

Scott Osterhoudt from ESP Associates Inc who surveyed a huge bridge. They used static, bathymetric and UAV.

Balfour Beatty
Nick Salmons at Balfour Beatty. They use static and mobile scanning.
"If we had TopoDOT® we would have delivered stuff 50% faster".

Asset Identification Tools

Topodot has asset identification tools which can recognize, categorize and tag 2D and 3D topographic assets from point cloud and calibrated imagery information. It offers capabilities for creating customizable attributes lists for asset inventory, which can be exported to text and shape formats.

Trial Software

For more details or to get a no obligation trial please call 1300 762 614 or Email us via our contacts page.

Version Compatibility Matrix

This table outlines the matrix of version compatibility of TopoDOT with Bentley Products.