Customisation - XYZ Data Import Tool

Highly flexible importer of XYZ files into CAD format with intuitive options

ECS XYZ Data Import Tool

The Data Import tool will provide users of Bentley MicroStation (and Bentley PowerDraft) with enhanced ability to import xyz coordinate data from either a comma delimited file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Vanilla MicroStation has the Import Coordinates tool that will allow you to place an active point, the same text or the same cell at a coordinate location read from a comma delimited text file. It does not have the ability to read a spreadsheet, draw lines between the coordinates, or allow you to place numbered identifiers or specific cells at each location.

XYZ Data Import Tool Features

The Data Import tool from ECS has a wizard style dialog that allows you to do any of the following actions with the coordinate data being read:

• Read a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet directly
• Ability to choose which worksheet in an XLS file to read from
• Read a csv file directly
• Read a formatted text file (delimiters by either , ; | tab space)

• Allow you to choose which row to start processing from (allows you to skip the column titles if you have them)
• Allow you to select which column in the input file is which value (x, y, z, text string, cellname)
• Place active points at each coordinate
• Join each of the coordinates with a line
• Place the same text or text read from a column in the input file
• Append a unique identifier to the text string (or just place a sequential identifier)
• Place the same cell or a cell read from a column in the input file
• Define a fixed cell size or a random size between a lower and upper limit (great for placing random sized trees)
• Define basic symbology for the imported data

• Displays a preview of how it will interpret the input file prior to processing
• Displays a percentage bar showing processing progress
• Displays a summary including statistics and errors encountered

Dialogs of the Import Wizard



The pre-requisites for the Data Import Tool are below.

• Operating System - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
• CAD Software - MicroStation or PowerDraft v8 2004, V8 XM, V8i
• Other Software - Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (for importing from XLS files)

Free 7 day Evaluation of the Data Import Tool

To obtain a free 7 day evaluation of this software, use the form below. All fields are required.
Simply enter your name, email address, company name and captcha details below and then click the Register and Download button. Ensure you use a valid email address, and you may need to check your junk mail folder. User documentation is included in the download. The steps are as follows:

1. Register (below)
2. Receive your confirmation code in an email
3. Enter the code on the confirmation page, download and install the application
4. Use the same confirmation code to activate your free evaluation

Purchase the Data Import Tool

A 1 year licence for the Data Import tool can be purchased for $200 AUD excluding GST. Your purchase will also entitle you to any upgrades that are released during your licence period.

To purchase a 1 year license of the Data Import tool, please contact ECS to arrange payment. We can bill your credit card using the ANZ Bank's secure online FastPay system. Alternatively you can EFT directly to our account. If you are outside of Australia, there will be an additional $15 AUD transaction fee on EFT payments. We will then forward you an activation key that will enable the product to be used for 1 year.

Please send us an Email to for payment instructions.

What Users are Saying

The Data import Tool created by Engineering CAD Solutions is simple to use and well thought out. The instructions provided are detailed and easy to follow. There is excellent adaptability when using spread sheets which allows you to access only the information required. With previous programs I have had to edit the spread sheets, so that only the information required was present.

If you have a need to create drawing details using point data in Excel or Word format, I would highly recommend you take a serious look at this tool.

Michael Phillips, Drafting Coordinator / Senior Design Drafter (Primary Design), Consolidated Power Projects

Sample Data

If you have already downloaded the tool, here is some sample test data you may use.

  • Small file 2D - 271 coordinates in XLS and txt format (11.2Kb) - Click Here
  • Small file 3D - 1654 coordinates in txt format (11.8Kb) - Click Here
  • Medium file 3D - 13444 coordinates in txt format (23.8Kb) - Click Here
  • Large file 3D - 140430 coordinates in txt format (1.06Mb) - Click Here