CAD Software Training

Attend live instructor led classes either at your site, our site or online to maximise your productivity on your project

Accredited MicroStation Training

The Bentley Institute is a professional training program run by Bentley for the benefit of the users of Bentley (MicroStation) software products. The Institute organisation includes qualified participating MicroStation Value-Added Resellers, called Bentley Institute Centres (BIC's).

Bentley Systems design the courses and certifies the instructors through training and testing, with this they can ensure consistent, high-quality professional training worldwide.

Engineering CAD Solutions is Australia's only onsite MicroStation training provider. Our Training and Technical Support Manager, Graeme Rawlins, holds:
• Bentley Systems Accreditation as a MicroStation Institute Trainer
• Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Benefits Through Professional Education

• Efficient learning delivered in a classroom environment using suitable training equipment.
• Professionally prepared course notes, with an emphasis on real-world, hands-on activities.
• Presentation of workflows and best-practice techniques from trained and experienced provider addressing the needs of drafters, managers and design engineers.

Benefits Through Investment In Your Staff's Future

• Increases productivity and greater design flexibility.
• Professional fulfilment leading to retention of valuable employees.
• Reduced manpower costs through more efficient use of staff.
• Greater return on your investment in hardware, software, support, and most critically, your professional staff.

Customised Training

Should a Bentley Institute Course not suit your requirements, please talk to us about a Customised Training Solution that can be dedicated to your users in our or your offices. These popular sessions are organised to address the key areas of your CAD needs, via specialised subjects decided upon in a personal evaluation of requirements.

ECS conduct customized MicroStation courses according to our clients requirements. Please contact us to arrange a training evaluation and to discuss possible course delivery dates.

CAD Drafting

Drafting Services available from ECS

CAD Drafting

ECS provides you with a reliable, accurate and cost effective outsourced drafting and modeling service. ECS offer services for multi-disciplinary drafting in both 2D and 3D for architects, engineers, contractors, product manufacturers, civil and mapping specialists.

Our team can provide drawings in DGN, DWG and other common CAD formats from 2D mark-ups, sketches or physical 3D models/prototypes. We can even align the drawing to your CAD standards, incorporate your own title block, borders, logos, etc. We specialise in attending to mark-ups and as-built amendments.

Other deliverables include:
• 2D pdf files (open or restricted)
• 3D PDF files for presentations and evaluation purposes
• STL files ready for 3D printing
• ACIS/SAT files for manufacturing processes
• ESRI or MapInfo files for incorporating into your mapping project
• 3D reality modeling meshes in a variety of formats to suit your requirements • CAD or PDF files from hardcopies

Our Commitment To You

Using state-of-the-art processes and systems, we promise to deliver a reliable service that meets the highest possible quality standards at a cost effective price.


"I would like to thank you and commend you for the excellent service you have provided in developing these drawings. You have taken a very large weight off my shoulders."

Lloyd Bentley - Project Engineer
Consolidated Power

Conversion Services

Hardcopy and CAD data conversion by experienced personnel

Hardcopy to CAD, PDF to CAD, or CAD to CAD

A cost effective service to transfer your hardcopy plans to a true digital asset (CAD or PDF file). We can also do conversions from one format to another, including DGN, DWG, DXF, SAT, STL, and more. Do you:
• have hardcopy plans taking up space or possibly lying around getting damaged, misplaced or simply deteriorating?
• Wished you had one common format for your engineering data?
• Have you found it difficult to locate hardcopy plans in a reasonable time frame (lost, misplaced, around somewhere but can't quite find it)?

Engineering CAD Solutions offer a cost effective (meaning less expensive in time or cost than if you were to do them in-house), accurate conversion from raster to CAD for small or large projects. Engineering CAD Solutions believe we can significantly beat any previous quotes you may have received from others whilst retaining the accuracy of your data.

Limits on Time and Resources

No time - Not enough personnel - Limited resources in the budget? No problem!

Engineering CAD Solutions have expanded this conversion service in reply to customer requests around Australia for a more cost effective, more accurate - paper or raster conversions to either the DXF, AutoCAD or MicroStation file format. Our CAD conversion service is not a software product but rather a complete service, consisting of:
• Free no obligation costing.
• Free specifications and standards compilation.
• Secure pick up of your data for conversion.
• CAD conversion (to either DXF, DWG or DGN).
• QA checking to meet your specifications.
• Cut to CD (scanned images and converted CAD files in your choice of format).
• Deliver data in full to your office - all for one set price.
If you think it's as expensive as it would be to pay one of your drafters to do it, it isn't. Because we specialise in this work... you benefit ... you save.

Conversion Process

First, we find out what your CAD standards and specifications are, and then our operators draw your paper or raster files to CAD just like you want them to be. Our quality assurance managers review the conversion work done before delivering the files to you to ensure that all your demands are met. If they're not, you don't pay until they are! That's a 100% money-back guarantee that standard conversion software can not offer.

The Headaches Involved With Other Processes

Paper or raster conversion to useful CAD data can be a headache. Inaccurate drawings are the curse of the industry. In spite of high expenses, the results may still need much redrawing! Older plots can be torn or dirty. Scanned drawings can be so light at times that parts of the actual designs can be lost or illegible. Finding qualified personnel on a short term basis to handle an occasional job is often difficult and sometimes risky. All these factors make conversion to CAD a nightmare if it is not your core business.

Conversions done the right way

Complex projects involve the greatest challenge since they often include combining different data sets and formats, the addition of non-graphical data and frequently require manual corrections or additions. Engineering Cad Solutions offers such projects accurate, reliable, cost effective conversions.

Caddsman Conversions to DWG or DGN

Many companies have DAB files (Caddsman) and wish to convert them to a format they can use. Do you:
• have historical DAB files (CADDSMAN) that are no longer supported?
• utilize another CAD application which cannot directly access the CADDSMAN data?
• find the standard conversion difficult or experience data loss when converting DAB files?
• lose the intelligence or sub figure definitions during a conversion from the DAB format?

ECS has developed a powerful batch conversion service to convert the DAB models (with sub figures) into DWG or DGN whilst retaining the most relevant element attributes and intelligence. This proven conversion provides you with certainty in your valued design data moving forward.

We have an in depth knowledge of the DAB file format and application use. Contact ECS to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist in the conversion process.

Advantages of using ECS to convert your Caddsman files:
• Custom colour table mapping
• Level mapping
• Line style mapping
• Font mapping
• Sub-figure retention
• Independent conversion of DAB Subfigure libraries to Cell libraries
• Configure Subfigures to be converted to Cells or References (XRef)
• Conversion without exploding graphics
• Retention of solids objects as solids
• Dimensions are not exploded to linework
• Output to DGN or DWG (natively)

Scanning of Hardcopy Documents

ECS offer a bulk commercial document scanning services for the digitisation of paper documents into files. We can scan the documents at the appropriate resolution and colour mode for the given document and its intended use. We can generate the output file in a variety of formats with PDF being the most portable and common. We recognise that to be most effective, the scanned documents will need appropriate naming and possibly other metadata collected during the scanning process. We can accommodate your specific needs and deliver a product superior over normal scanning service providers.

Benefits of Scanning Paper to Digital Files

• Save time finding documents
• Improve user service levels
• Save space - 1000's of documents into one digital file or repository.
• Eliminate storage areas for the hardcopies
• Prevent document deterioration
• Reduce postage costs - files can be Emailed
• Data available to all
• Additional security via electronic backup
• No more paper filing
• Support disaster recovery
• Reduced costs = increased profits
• Reduce fire hazards

Advantages of using ECS

• A substantial cost saving.
• High accuracy.
• Cost effective hand-drawn conversions.
• The use of your standard cell libraries, dimensioning style and fonts.
• Assignment of your standard symbology, logos and levels.
• Capacity for all sizes of drawings from A4 to A0.
• Output to AutoCAD and MicroStation (any versions of the applications).
• Quick turn around, even on large jobs.
• Complete pickup, convert, checking and delivery service.

Technical Support

Support Services to keep your staff productive and reduce downtime

Technical Support

Engineering CAD Solutions offer an unrivalled support service from our offices in North Adelaide. Superior support and service are critical to your work and your company's project success. Technical support for MicroStation and CADconform is available via phone, email or onsite. We offer a choice of support arrangements including 10, 20 or 50 hour pre-paid support blocks (onsite, via phone or email) saving time, paperwork and resources. Prepaid block hours provide priority one support for subscribers.

ECS also offer onsite and remote support as required. A minimum time is billable which includes travel time. Please call for pricing.

Unproductive staff costs you money

Ask yourself:
• If you or your team have an issue with CAD software, what is it costing you in down time?
• Can you afford to have numerous CAD users standing around trying to resolve a colleague's CAD problem?
• Can you afford to have a CAD Technical Specialist on staff just in case?

Data Cleansing

Consulting Services to audit, deduplicate, extract, reformat and cleanse your digital files

Dirty Data

File systems, databases, spreadsheets and drawings over time become disorganised and littered with dirty data. Datasets are plagued with inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent and out-of-date information. CAD drawings contain data that does not conform to a standard, have information in the wrong fields, levels or symbology.

Dirty data has inherent negative effects on all data-driven activities including filename and metadata searches. Without data cleansing and enforced document standards your data will become plagued with issues such as the following:
• Duplicates - these are costly, confuse searches and you run the risk of working on the wrong document or record
• Dirty Data - documents and metadata of poor quality, incomplete and inconsistent
• Incorrect Filenames - documents will not appear in searches and often are misplaced and subsequently duplicated
• Propogation - documents and records can be duplicated whereby dirty data is propogated

If you are about to implement a document management system (DMS) we strongly recommend that you cleanse your data before you upload it into the DMS. A DMS will be a powerful mechanism to search for and manage your documents and you do not want to infiltrate such a valuable resource with dirty data.

Data Cleansing

Having clean, accurate data is critical as it ensures information is consistent, standardised and uniform, in the right fields and uses only valid characters. ECS apply various cleansing routines according to each client's requirements, and can also help to determine business rules for maintaining data quality in the future.

A complete data cleansing process improves the condition of your data ensuring:
• Accuracy
• Quality
• Completeness
• Elimination of errors and inconsistencies
• Searchability
• Deliverability
• Predictability
• Adherence to standards

Previous Projects

ECS have conducting data cleansing and data migration projects on large scales. Hundreds of thousands of documents checked and cleansed to eradicate dirty data, and to introduce a level of consistency that seriously improves the value of client's data assets as well as increased productivity, searchability and predictability.

We have a suite of tools to extract information from spreadsheets, DWG and DGN files as well as cell libraries and datasheets. The extracted data is presented in a spreadsheet and can be sorted and evaluated to reveal the state of your data. Cleansing processes can follow using the extracted data in the spreadsheet as the reference for conducting the corrections.

Data Cleansing Services

Arrange a meeting today to discuss how a review can be undertaken of your digital data. We will formulate a plan to review what data your organisation has, how and when to audit the data and set in place a process for data cleansing together with improving work practices to help keep your data clean and accurate.