Customisation - Parcel Tools

Custom software to assist in the annotation and reporting of allotments or cadastral boundaries.


ECS Parcel Tools

The Parcel Tools application will provide users of Bentley MicroStation with the ability to annotate, analyse and report on allotment boundaries. If you are designing a new subdivision or a complete project development containing thousands of allotments, this tool will streamline and automate the annotation and reporting aspects of the task.

The application uses levels to identify different graphical elements. You will need to define a level structure for the different elements you use on the drawing, and store these in a style file. For example, you will define a level for allotment numbers so the application knows what and where they are. Each graphical item for an allotment needs its own level.

The application contains tools for you to efficiently place graphics on the correct level, or change existing graphics to be on the correct level. The application has custom tools to select, match and change to streamline this process.

When using the tools, you can choose the extent of the operation. Most tools have options including Whole Model, Use Fence or Pick Single. This allows greater flexibility to control what you are working on.


Parcel Tools Features

Parcel Tools has the following features:
• Allotment annotations such as lot area, lot number, lot type and dimensions
• Generation of yield tables by allotment area or allotment type
• Export of yield data to a csv file
• Level based control on identification and placement of graphical features
• Project management through the configuration of attribute styles
• Ability to define alignment graphics (snapping bars) to cause annotations to be aligned across adjacent lots
• Search and highlight duplicate lot numbers
• Allotment renumbering tool which supports automated multiple lot renumbering
• Ability to define your own lot types and their geographical attributes, and save them to a configuration style
• Utility tools including converting text nodes to text, sort (reorder) polygons.

Key operational features of the application include:
• Ability to work on elements individually, in a fence or across the whole file.
• Automatic alignment of placed graphics to produce a good looking and clean drawing.
• Ability to store multiple style configuration files for different element attributes.
• Ability to store an unlimited number of allotment types.
• Ability to define accuracy, rounding and offset settings.

Parcel Tools examples and screenshots

Lot Yield by area - table added to CAD drawing after all the allotments have been thematically coloured.

Configuration settings for lot types with rules on annotation placement.

Parcel Tools lot renumbering settings.


The pre-requisites for the Parcel Tools application are below.

• Operating System - Windows 10, Windows 11
• CAD Software - MicroStation V8i, CONNECT Edition or 2023

Enquiry about Parcel Tools

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