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CADconform Software

Engineering CAD Solutions can supply CADconform software, arrange licensing, perform implementation, configuration and user training as part of our onsite service.

What is CADconform

CADconform is a software application that operates with MicroStation and AutoCAD, providing the user with a streamlined method of producing drawings that comply to a predefined corporate standard. CADconform provides drafting menus, checking and conforming tools, and an ability to digitally stamp the drawing to certify it meets the standards.

By using CADconform you will ensure your CAD data is 100% standards-conformed. CADconform helps projects run faster and smoother with all parties accessing the same drafting menus and everyone easily checking and fixing their own drawings.

CADconform Licensing and Usage

CADconform is licensed on a individual workstation basis. When using CADconform it is recommended that each MicroStation drafter uses the software/libraries as they draft rather than drafting and then CADconforming only at the end. This approach maximises the benefit of the application and minimises the time spent redrafting.

CADconform Pricing (AUD)

Software pricing starts at just $2,669 ex GST (CADconform x 1 including 12 months support) with discounts available for packs of 5 licenses or more at one time (saving approx $2,000). Annual upgrade subscription program $499 ex GST (upgrades and remote technical support) is also available via AltivaSoft (pricing subject to change). Call us for pricing on bundles of CADconform and SubmittalConform (BHP IO and BHP OD projects).

CADconform Support and Training

ECS can provide training and support for CADconform. We have an in depth knowledge of the software and how it is used on local projects. Our unique training can get your team up to speed on using the software and demonstrate best practices to ensure efficiency and keeping your project on track.

Create and Manage Standards

Manage all aspects of CAD standards including: import of existing standards, create new standards, organize them into meaningful sets for your organization, modify and maintain your complete set of standards, and ensure security of your standards so they can only be changed by authorized personnel.

Controlled Access

Anyone who must use the CAD standards - whether employee or contractors, on site or at remote locations - must have access to them. Also, drafters must have access to only those standards they'll actually use. For example, if someone works on only mechanical drawings, they probably don't need to see the electrical standards.

Drafting Tools from Standards

CADconform provides a drafting menu derived from the standards, allowing drafters access to all items in the standards, and the confidence that everything they create is assured to meet the standards.

Locate and Fix Errors

A drafter invests time and effort to understand the purpose and requirements of a specific drawing. He or she knows first-hand why and how the elements were drawn, making that drafter the best qualified person to correct the drawing. CADconform comes with a powerful 'find and fix' tool that will aid the drafter in conforming a drawing to the standards. The tool works much like a spell checker, taking the user to the next error, highlighting it and presenting valid options to change it to meet the standards.

Certification of Conformance

A person looking at a drawing cannot realise the benefit of the standards if he or she has no indication or assurance that the drawing does conform to the CAD standards. CADconform is the only solution offering a tamper-proof electronic seal, assuring 100% conformance to your standards, data integrity and user confidence. Once the drawing is sealed, if it is opened and changed without being re-checked, the seal is "broken", indicating the drawing must be re-certified.

Good Clean Data

Your DMS or drawing respository is only as good as the data in it. CADconform ensures the data integrity of the drawings in your system, helping you get the maximum ROI from your document management investment.

CADconform Services

Conforming your drawings using our consulting services and trained personnel

CADconform Services

Companies engaged in projects where CADconformed drawings are required deliverables have two choices. You may purchase CADconform and train users on the task, or simply use ECS to CADconform the drawings prior to submitting them to the client. The path chosen will often be determined by the quantity of drawings on the project, with smaller quantities it is more cost effective to arrange the CADconforming as a service from ECS. Other factors include time and resources to complete the CADconforming process prior to project delivery.

Engineering CAD Solutions provide CADconforming services from our offices here in North Adelaide. We believe we provide the most cost effective service and you can be assured we will always have the latest release of the required conformance libraries.

Engineering CAD Solutions is the chosen provider to develop the conformance libraries for BHP Billiton OD so are in the best position to assist you with these drawings. No one knows CADconform libraries in your region better than Engineering CAD Solutions.

What is a CADconformed Drawing?

Organisations using CADconform will require you to certify your drawing to their company standards. The certification is a stamp that usually appears within the title block indicating that it matches a set of standards.

What are the advantages of a CADconformed drawing?

A CADconformed drawing indicates that it meets the required standard, and therefore it will have consistency and predictability for the end user. The drawing will use approved symbols, levels and text settings to ensure conformity with all drawings in the fileset. The drawing will be using the approved border sheet and similar formatted title block information that can be easily referenced and enables automation.

How do I CADconform my drawing?

If you have a copy of MicroStation and CADconform, you can do the conforming and certification yourself. However the cost, setup and training of the software may not be suitable for your situation. This is where services from Engineering CAD Solutions may be the better option.

If you have a drawing that has not been drafted to the required standard, Engineering CAD Solutions offer a service to take your current drawing and conform it to meet the standard. We will also apply the correct certification stamp, print the certified drawing and supply them back to you ready for submission.

How much work is required?

The amount of work will vary depending on how close to the standard the drawing currently is, together with the amount and type of content on the drawing. Your drawing may already have the right title block and layout, which will make the task of conformance and certification much easier.

Pricing can be on a per drawing basis or per project. Contact us to discuss how we may assist you in this area.

CADconform Testimonial

When our client informed us we had to submit final electronic files in a format we were not accustomed to, we were not sure where to begin. Peter and his team were instrumental in us achieving this. From the outset we were guided through the process, providing us the tools for setting up our internal processes to enable seamless conforming of our drawings to the our clients requirements.

No matter how much pressure was put on ECS, we always received the final product promptly and more importantly accurate. One year later and 6 projects completed, we would certainly recommend ECS to anyone who needs assistance with CADconform, and will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Thank you to the ECS team for your efforts, it is certainly appreciated.

Mike Middleton, Associate, BCA Engineers