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Bentley ProjectWise

ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and AECO information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) of infrastructure projects. Unlike traditional document management and collaboration software, ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for AECO information for the design and construction of infrastructure projects while the work is in progress. It provides scalable, industry-proven, advantages in work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback.

Bentley ProjectWise 365 Cloud Service

As you continue transitioning to remote and distributed workflows, we recognize there are still challenges in this new work environment. We have continued to update the tools and resources to help you work from home.

Additionally, to further assist your organizations in working remotely, Bentley is providing full access to its ProjectWise 365 cloud service and waiving subscription fees through September 30, 2020.

ProjectWise 365 serves as an 'instant-on' cloud service, accessible through a web browser and purpose-built to simplify work sharing, information access, design review, transmittals and RFIs, and issues resolution. It is perfectly suited for quick adoption while working from home, with virtually no learning curve, so you can get up and running and productive without missing a beat.

ProjectWise 365 extends the reach and accessibility of BIM and infrastructure design data for your organization, to facilitate collaboration and design review at a time when you need it most.

For our latest tools and other resources to help you Work from Home, including more information on our ProjectWise 365 solution, send us a message from our contacts page.

Improve Project Performance

Improve your project performance by integrating people, data, and processes throughout the project lifecycle. Share project information with secure information mobility. Using PCs, tablets, or mobile devices, your project participants will collaborate effectively to keep the project moving forward. Give your project stakeholders visibility into project performance to mitigate risk. You will win more work and develop repeatable best practices to improve your ROI.

First released in 1998, ProjectWise has always been the workhorse for design coordination based on organizational and project workflows, or industry standards such as BS1192. With the CONNECT Edition, ProjectWise extends beyond design coordination to comprehensive worksharing, empowering the project team to collaborate throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle.

Connect Teams

Collaborative, interoperability to connect global project teams where information and deliverables are available on-demand for improved performance and increased project transparency for comprehensive project delivery.

Bridge Geographical Boundaries

A gold standard for engineering design integration and collaboration for multi-discipline, geographically dispersed teams.

Managed Workflows

Cooperating teams or organizations can now synchronize distinct ProjectWise instances with managed workflows for the exchange and sharing of all types of work packages.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply chain collaboration to manage the exchange of transmittals, submittals and to solve problems with RFIs and issues resolution, bridging the divide between engineering work-in-progress and the extended supply chain.

Project Management

Complete your capital projects faster with construction and contract management, financial performance and risk monitoring, and an automated electronic construction record.

Information Mobility

Unparalleled information mobility and federated information access that helps project-intensive companies avoid risk and stay competitive with comprehensive project delivery.

Create and Manage Ongoing Work Effectively

With ProjectWise, everyone can collaborate on projects that reflect how today's interdisciplinary project teams actually work. Distributed team members can use their own applications and file formats in their own locations. And through ProjectWise, they can quickly find, share, and interact with appropriately managed, interrelated engineering content using their preferred workflows.

Getting the Information You Need

ProjectWise has powerful work-sharing capabilities like spatial view for map navigation, Web view for online access, permissions view for access control, and dependency view for interrelated files and 3D or component views.


A CONNECTED project is a folder tree you share with project team members. The content is visible to all team members, allowing them to interract and contribute to the project using a single source of truth. Files do not have to be shared via email as users get direct access to the original files.

A CONNECTED Project is a better performing project. With ProjectWise CONNECT Edition, you will benefit from:

A Common Data Environment

Improve the accuracy, reuse, and auditing of design and construction documents and data to start projects faster, eliminate redesigns, and reduce the risk of rework.

Reduced Delivery Risk

Unify design and construction teams with managed workflows with the entire supply chain throughout the project delivery lifecycle.

Virtualized Talent

Enhance performance by leveraging best skillsets of in-house resources regardless of location and open access to new sources of talent from Value Engineering Centers providing more cost-effective project execution models.

Faster Time to Value

Project teams now have hybrid cloud services providing enhanced agility to respond to varying project requirements, improved operational readiness resulting in improved ROI on the project and at the organizational level.

Managed Project Outcomes

By acting on insights revealed through key performance indicators (KPIs) on activity, progress, documentation status and other project metrics, organizations will increase accountability and improve responsiveness to minimize delays and keep the project moving forward.

ProjectWise Licensing

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